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Os últimos nazis em fuga

As of April 1, 2007

1. Alois Brunner – Syria Key operative of Adolf Eichmann Responsible for deportation of Jews from Austria (47,000), Greece (44,000), France (23,500), and Slovakia (14,000) to Nazi death camps
Status – living in Syria for decades; Syrian refusal to cooperate stymies prosecution efforts; convicted in absentia by France

2. Dr. Aribert Heim - ?Doctor in Sachsenhausen (1940), Buchenwald (1941) and Mauthausen (1941) concentration camps
Murdered hundreds of camp inmates by lethal injection in Mauthausen
Status – disappeared in 1962 prior to planned prosecution; current whereabouts unknown but strong evidence that he is still alive

3. Ivan Demjanjuk – USA Participated in mass murder of Jews in Sobibor death camp; also served in Majdanek death camp and Trawniki SS-training camp Status – denaturalized in USA; ordered deported from USA; under investigation in Poland

4. Milivoj Ašner – AustriaPolice chief of Slavonska Požega, Croatia Active role in persecution and deportation to death of hundreds of Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies
Status – discovered in 2004 in framework of “Operation: Last Chance;” indicted by Croatia which requested his extradition from Austria which has hereto refused to extradite him

5. Dr. Sandor Kepiro - HungaryHungarian gendarmerie officer; participated in mass murder of over 1,200 civilians in Novi Sad, Serbia
Status – discovered in 2006 in framework of “Operation: Last Chance;” was originally convicted but never punished in Hungary in 1944 and apparently in absentia in 1946; Hungary recently refused to implement his original sentence but has opened a new criminal investigation against him

6. Mikhail Gorshkow – Estonia Participated in murder of Jews in Belarus Status: denaturalized in USA, under investigation in Estonia

7. Erna Wallisch – AustriaGuard at Majdanek death camp; admitted role in mass murder
Status – Austria refuses to prosecute due to statute of limitations; under investigation in Poland

8. Soeren Kam - Germany
Participated in the murder of anti-nazi Danish newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen; stole the population registry of the Danish Jewish ommunity to facilitate the roundup and subsequent deportation of Danish Jews to Nazi concentration camps, where dozens were murdered.
Status – Kam was indicted in Denmark for the murder of Clemmensen, but a German court refused to approve his extradition to stand trial in Copenhagen. The Danish judicial authorities have recently launched an investigation of his role in the deportation of the Jews at the request of the Wiesenthal Center.

9. Karoly (Charles) Zentai – Australia Participated in manhunts, persecution, and murder of Jews in Budapest in 1944 Status – discovered in 2004 by “Operation: Last Chance;” Hungary has issued an international arrest warrant against him and has asked for his extradition from Australia; Zentai is currently appealing his extradition to Hungary

10a. Algimantas Dailide – Germany Arrested Jews murdered by Nazis and Lithuanian collaborators Status: deported from USA; convicted by Lithuania, which has hereto refused to implement his sentence of imprisonment

10b. Harry Mannil – Venezuela Arrested Jews and Communists executed by Nazis and Estonian collaborators Status: cleared by investigation in Estonia; barred from entry to US
For more information call our office: 972-2-563-1273 or in Israel: 02-563-1273
Or: 972-50-721-4156 or in Israel: 050-721-4156


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RickAHyatt disse...

If you would like to view the most modern photo of Dr. Aribert Heim, I have in my personal possession one taken in 1977. It was deliberately contrived for reasons explained on my website, http://www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com. You will see this photo there and can download it. It was made together with some fellow Nazi's turned STASI, MFS Dir's Erich Mielke and Markus Wolf & I. (Yes, the "Master Spy so elusive the West did not have a photo of him until 1992...") What will interest you greatly is in how these spies were lured out, using me as bait, because of an inheritance deal (For which I've not received yet a penny) And people kept getting found dead all about my life. The actual murders-for-hire, the Gary Condits (Of Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson & Jonbenet Ramsey fame) were also lured out, but allowed to continue their "Service" for the high-ranking corrupt. The above, now-turned, spies were given deals, and I'm sure Dr. Aribert Heim was, too. Why he's probably alive & well down there in Chile, and recently approached to validate the above photo, and the many other more on my website. As you can see from his pose, he deliberately shows his facial scars from his NAZI fencing days.