quarta-feira, 10 de junho de 2009

Contra o casamento homossexual

Ser contra o casamento homossexual (ver aqui e aqui bons artigos sobre a matéria) não é ser necessariamente homofóbico.

No caso da posição da Igreja Católica, foi emitido um comunicado pelos vários Bispos que compõem o estado de Nova York, segundo o qual:

If there are injustices against those in relationships other than marriage, those injustices can certainly be reformed and corrected in a way other than by drastically redefining marriage.
We close with a final point from our 2008 statement:
“(W)e want to make absolutely clear that our firm beliefs about marriage … must not be misconstrued to be in any way a condemnation of homosexual people or an attack on their human dignity. Our Church teaches, and we affirm, that we must treat our homosexual sisters and brothers with dignity and love, as we would all God’s children. Indeed the Catechism of the Catholic Church warns that any form of prejudice or hatred – “every sign of unjust discrimination” – against homosexual people should be avoided. (CCC 2358)

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