terça-feira, 10 de março de 2009

Alberto João sugere corte nos lucros para manter salários

Excelente sugestão esta a de Alberto João Jardim, numa altura em que o presidente da república apela, e bem, para um aumento da consciência e responsabilidade social de todos os portugueses e, em particular, dos que mais podem.

Ainda a este propósito de uma visão mais remediada e solidária da vida económica pessoal, deixo aqui o excerto de uma excelente reportagem do New York Times:

Carol Morgan, who teaches law at the University of Georgia and whose husband has a private law practice, said she felt a responsibility to cut needless spending. “That is probably something that is a prudent thing to do in any event, but particularly now I see it as the right thing, as the moral thing to do,” she said, adding that she also hoped to increase her charitable giving. “Before, extravagance and opulence was the aspiration, and if we can replace that with a desire to live more simply — replace that with time with family, or time for spirituality — what a positive outcome to a very negative situation.”
Kim Gatlin, a novelist who lives in Park Cities, in the Dallas area, said some of her friends had urged their husbands not to give them jewelry over the holidays. “They were like, you know, ‘There’s nothing I’m dying for right now — let’s just wait,’ ” she said. “It makes them feel like they’re participating, although they don’t contribute to the income stream.”
Even some of the very affluent said they were reluctant to be conspicuous in their spending.
“It’s disrespectful to the people who don’t have much to flaunt your wealth,” said Monica Dioda Hagedorn, 40, a lawyer in Atlanta who is married to an heir of the Scotts Miracle-Gro fortune. “I have plenty of dresses to last me 10 years.”

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